Excellent companion foods increase nutrient absorption

Excellent companion foods increase nutrient absorption

“Companion food” refers to foods that are combined with food to make the nutrients “complementary”, thereby preventing disease prevention and strengthening.

Here are a few companion foods: pig liver – spinach pig liver, spinach have the power of blood, one by one, and the combination of food for the treatment of anemia has special effects.

  Beef-potato beef has high nutritional value and has a spleen-stomach effect, but the beef is rough and will stimulate the gastric mucosa.

The use of potatoes and beef to cook can lead to the protection of the gastric mucosa.

  Kelp-tofu is rich in nutrients, and its saponin doping promotes iodine emissions in food and is absorbed by the body.

Kelp contains a lot of iodine, and the two can improve the nutritional effect.

  Mutton – ginger and mutton to warm the yang, ginger to keep warm and warm, mix with each other, can drive evil, treatment of cold abdominal pain.

  Chicken – chestnut chicken spleen and blood, spleen and spleen, the combination of the two is beneficial to the body to absorb the nutrients of the chicken, the hematopoietic function will also increase.

  Duck meat – yam duck meat can make up the yin, with anti-inflammatory and cough effect.

The power of yam is stronger, and it can be eaten with duck meat to eliminate greasy and better lungs.

  Lily – egg lily has clear bonfire, kidney qi, blood qi effect, eggs can make up the yin blood, while cooking and adding appropriate amount of sugar to eat, can nourish yin and moist, clear heart and soothe the nerves, with unique health effects.

  Fruit-meat fruits generally contain a large amount of potassium and sodium salts, which are weakly alkaline in the body’s metabolically transformed body fluids.

Meat contains a lot of fatty acids, which are easy to make body fluids weakly acidic after being metabolized in the body.

The same food can maintain the acid-base balance of body fluids, which is good for your health.

How to carry out diet therapy in autumn, four aspects of health care in autumn

How to carry out diet therapy in autumn, four aspects of health care in autumn

In the autumn, four aspects should be taken care of, reasonable and reasonable, in order to prevent dryness and protect the yin, moisturizing the lungs to regulate the autumn, high weather, dry climate, autumn dry gas is easy to hurt the lungs.

Therefore, the autumn diet should be light, eat less fried food, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, vegetables should use cabbage, spinach, melon, cucumber, white fungus; meat can eat rabbit meat, duck, herring, etc.; eat more sourFoods such as citrus, hawthorn and so on.

Drink plenty of water, eat more radish, lotus root, banana, pear, honey, etc. Run the lungs and nourish the food, nourish the yin and dry food; try to eat less or not eat onions, ginger, garlic, peppers, spirits and other hot items and fried, fatty things.

Physique, the elderly with spleen and stomach weakness and chronic disease patients, can be porridge-based in the morning, such as lily lotus porridge, white fungus porridge porridge, black sesame porridge, etc., can eat more red dates, lotus seeds, lily, medlar, etc.Supplementary products, to fitness rickets, prolong life, but can not eat big fish and meat, can not eat too much, so as not to hurt the stomach.

In addition, we must pay special attention to clean and hygienic diet, protect the spleen and stomach, enter more warm food, fast food, cold drinks, so as not to cause intestinal inflammation, dysentery and other diseases.

2, actively participate in physical exercise, physical fitness and high weather in autumn, is the golden season of outdoor activities.

In this season, the elderly must strengthen physical exercise, which is the most active method in autumn health care.

In the autumn, you should go to bed early and get up early. After the morning, you should actively participate in active fitness exercises, instead of climbing, jogging, brisk walking, cold water bath and other exercise programs.

The dry climate in autumn, early and late temperature difference penetration, is a favorable condition for some bacteria, virus reproduction and transmission, transfer dry dust, some bacteria, viruses flying in the air, often cause respiratory diseases, is chronic bronchitis and surgeryThe high incidence of illness, therefore, the elderly should strengthen their warmth while taking part in physical exercise, and do a good job of prevention.

3, to maintain optimism, quietly cultivate the heart of autumn, the maturity of all things is a good time to harvest; but autumn is also the season when all things gradually fade away, showing a declining scene.

At this time, in the heart of the elderly, it is most likely to cause depression, decadence and other sentimental emotions. Therefore, we must pay attention to the cultivation of sentiment, learn to adjust ourselves, maintain optimism, maintain inner peace, and prolong the nighttime sleep time; often with others,Family members talk, or go for a walk in the park, take a proper look at movies, TV, or raise flowers, fishing, these are good for self-cultivation and cultivation of sentiment.

4, suitable for clothing, beware of the cold autumn temperature gradually decline, early and late temperature difference penetration; in this season, before you should pay attention to cold and warm, but not too early, too much clothing; as long as this season, as long as not too cold,Try to keep the body in a cool state and let the body exercise to have the ability to resist the cold.

However, in the golden autumn season, the climate change is impermanent. The elderly should comply with climate change, pay proper attention to keep warm, to prevent colds and respiratory diseases, etc., according to the weather conditions, timely increase or decrease clothes, cold and warm, disease prevention and health care.

Crack: the most popular five acne lies

Crack: the most popular five acne lies

Those who have not experienced long acne must not understand the pain of acne growing on the shoulders.

Many girls who suffer from acne attacks use a variety of trail remedies because they want acne to disappear quickly.

There are a lot of word-of-mouth treatments for acne remedies that seem to be jokes in modern dermatologists, but you may not believe that it is really how many people have tried these ineffective remedies.

The following is the secret recipe for treating acne, let us crack it together!


Toothpaste on the face of the treatment of acne experts explained: wrong!

The toothpaste contains a mint ingredient, which makes the skin feel cool when applied, so it can temporarily relieve the pain of acne.

But the fluoride component in the toothpaste will irritate the hair follicles and make the acne worse.

Therefore, “toothpaste on the face of acne” is a rumor!


In the acne posted Saronpas expert explained: wrong!

Salon Pass is an analgesic patch containing salicylic acid.

Although salicylic acid can accelerate the metabolism of keratin, it will seal the scallops with salonpas, so that the affected area is not breathable, but the symptoms will worsen!

And the salicylic acid concentration in Salon Passe may be too high for the skin, which may cause allergies.

In addition, although the process of tearing out the Salon Pass is very enjoyable, it is also easy to cause skin damage or inflammation.


Wash your face with tea leaves overnight to get acne experts to explain: wrong!

Some people say that the acne is because the tuberculosis is too oily, so washing the face with the tea leaves overnight can remove too much oil on the face.

In fact, tea water does have a degreasing effect, but there are many reasons for acne, not just because the face is too oily to take acne.

Therefore, it is not a rule of law to wash your face with tea water.


Long acne can not eat flour long acne can not eat bread, steamed buns, buns, hair cakes, cakes, etc. Any pasta containing “fermented powder” can not eat.

Because “hair powder” will be issued, it will make acne more, absolutely can not eat!

  Expert explanation: wrong!

“Baking powder” is baking soda powder, the chemical name is sodium bicarbonate, and it has nothing to do with long acne.

Fermented pasta is safe, so you can eat it with confidence.


Every day, using a scrub to rub the acne away expert explained: wrong!

“Scrub” is the “extraordinary” physical exfoliating product, which has the same effect as modern exfoliating products to eliminate old dead skin cells.

One of the causes of acne is oil adenosine, which causes anaerobic bacteria in the pores and causes acne.

  When the acne is long, the skin is already in a state of inflammation, and in the inflammatory state, it is not suitable to use physical exfoliating products to metabolize keratin.

Therefore, when grinding acne with a scrub, it will not make the acne flat!

And may also cause further arthritis, be careful!

Cholecystitis to eat what to recommend three kinds of therapeutic side of chronic cholecystitis

Cholecystitis to eat what to recommend three kinds of therapeutic side of chronic cholecystitis

Chronic cholecystitis is aggravated after eating high-fat or greasy food; the course of disease is long, and the condition is characterized by acute attack and remission. The acute attack is the same as the acute gallbladder sac. The remission period sometimes has no symptoms.

So what is good for cholecystitis?

Let’s share some therapeutics with you and hope to help.

Clinical manifestations of chronic cholecystitis caused by liver and stomach disharmony: sputum swell, sputum after eating, poor appetite, vomiting, nausea and pantothenic acid, hernia, and mouth stickiness.

Greasy, slippery pulse.

Three kinds of therapeutic side of chronic cholecystitis[Buddha wine]formula: 30 grams of bergamot, 1000 grams of white wine.

Method: The bergamot is sliced into a bottle, and the white wine is soaked for 20 days.

Efficacy: Shugan and stomach, Qi and pain.

Usage: 1 time a day, 3 times each time?
5 ml.

[Tofu bean curd noodle soup]formula: 100 grams of noodles, tomatoes, tofu, the right amount.

System of law: according to the usual practice as noodle soup, do not put oil or put any sesame oil.

Efficacy: appetizing digestion.

Usage: as a staple food warm food[chicken gold porridge]formula: the previous rice 100 grams, chicken gold 5?
6 grams, the amount of sugar.

Method: Stir the chicken gold with a simmer until it is brownish brown, and grind it into a fine powder.

First put the previous rice, sugar into the pot, add about 800 ml of water, cook until the porridge will be finished, put the chicken inside the gold powder, and boil it.

Efficacy: spleen and digestion.

Usage: Daily warm morning and evening.

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Cholecystitis diet contraindications to the symptoms and treatment of cholecystitis to achieve these five points of cholecystitis away from you

Lixia Health

Lixia Health

May 6 is the summer of the lunar calendar.

At this time, “the bucket refers to the southeast, and the dimension is the summer. Everything grows up, so it is named Xia.”

At this time, the sun yellow is 45 degrees. In astronomy, Lixia said that he would say goodbye to spring, which is the beginning of summer days.

It is customary for people to regard Lixia as an important solar term in which the temperature rises obviously, the heat is coming, the thunderstorm is too much, and the crops enter the peak season.

After the summer, it is a key period for planting large areas of early rice, and the sooner or later rains coming in this period and the amount of rainfall are closely related to the future harvest.

The farmer said it well: “The summer is not going down, the plough is hanging high.

“There is no rain in summer, no rice in the steamed bread.”

“The folks also have the custom of being afraid of summer heat and weighing. After weighing the weight this day, they are not afraid of summer heat and will not lose weight, otherwise they will be plagued by illness.

There is also a custom of drinking tea in summer in Jiangxi. It is said that it is not to drink summer tea, it will be difficult for a summer.

As early as in ancient times, the kings often went to the summer outside the city in the early days of summer, and the summer days were summer days.

  ”Book of Rites?

The article on the Monthly Order explains Li Xia: “蝼蝈鸣,蚯蚓出,王瓜生,苦菜秀.

“At this time, the frog began to scream at the coming of summer, and he was busy helping the peasants to loosen the soil. The wild vegetables in the countryside were also unearthed and unearthed.”

In the early morning, when people are facing the glow of the early summer, walking in the rural fields and beaches, you will arouse the affection of nature from this gentle sunshine.


“Four temperament and reconciliation”: “Summer March, this is a show of the wind; heaven and earth are in harmony, everything is real.”

Summer March refers to the six solar terms from Li Xia to Li Qiu, including Lixia, Xiaoman, Busy, Summer Solstice, and Xiaoshu.

Lixia, Xiaoman is called Meng Xia (the beginning of the summer) around the lunar calendar in April, the weather is getting hotter and the plants are flourishing. This season is conducive to the physiological activities of the heart, so people should follow it when they are in contact with the economy.

Therefore, special care for the heart should be emphasized throughout the summer.

“The Source of Medicine” says: “The heart is the one who is the one, and the filth is all in the heart, so it is the monarch.

The heart is hidden, so it is used by the gods.

In the Chinese medical literature, the heart is interpreted as the heart of flesh and blood and the gods.

The heart of flesh and blood refers to the substantial heart; the god of the heart refers to the function of accepting and reflecting external objects and carrying out activities such as consciousness, thinking, and emotion.

“Introduction to Medicine”: “The heart of the flesh and blood is like a lotus flower, and it is also on the liver under the lungs.

The heart of the gods.does everything in all things, and the emptiness is nothing.

“The physiological function of the heart: the main blood, the main mind.

The main blood of the heart consists of the main blood and the main vein.

Blood refers to blood, and the pulse refers to the vascular, also known as the meridian, which is the channel through which blood runs.

The heart is connected to the vessel to form a closed system that becomes the hub of blood circulation.

The heart keeps beating, pushing the blood to circulate in the whole body, and it is constantly flowing, becoming the driving force of blood circulation.

The nutrients carried by the blood can support the whole body to make the internal organs, the limbs, the muscles and the whole body get nutrients to maintain their normal physiological functions.

When the heart function is normal, the pulse is gentle and powerful, the rhythm is uniform, and the complexion is rosy and lustrous; if the heart occurs, the blood flow is not smooth, the vessel is empty and the face is colorless, the pulse is weak, the blood is stagnant, the blood is blocked, and the lips are blue and purple., the anterior area of the heart is stuffy and stinging, the pulse of the knot, generation or promotion, sputum.

  The Lord’s Sense is both a god and a god.

The so-called god, Chinese medicine is expected to have a broad and narrow sense.

The broad sense of the god refers to the external manifestation of the whole human life activity. It embodies the human body’s image, complexion, eyes, speech, response, posture of physical activity, etc.; and the narrow god, the mind of the heart,More refers to the spirit of people, consciousness, thinking activities and so on.

The formation of God in Tibetan studies believes that essence is the material basis that constitutes the human body and maintains the life activities of the body, and is also the material basis for the production of God.

God is metamorphosed by the innate essence, and the evolution of it is the birth of the god of life.

During the growth and development of the human body, God relies on the cultivation of the essence of the water valley after the day, called “Lingshu?””People in the Valley” said: “The gods, the essence of the water valley also.

“The heart and mind of the physiology also includes two aspects.

First, under normal circumstances, the heart of the gods accepts and reflects the internal things of the target, and carries out the spirit, consciousness, and thinking activities. Second, the heart of the gods is the master of the human life activities, and is in the upper organs, the internal organs.Under the unified command of the heart, it is possible to carry out normal activities of unified, unified and coordinated.

  The physiological characteristics of the heart show: First, the heart is yang and the main yang.

That is to say, the heart is the sun in the sun, and the yang of the heart can promote blood circulation, maintain human life activities, and make it vibrate, so it is called the “day” of the person.

“Medical Reality” said: “Govering people and heaven and earth, heaven and earth, people also have a day, the father of the sun, the day also.”

The yang of the heart not only maintains its own physiological functions, but also has a warming effect on the whole body.

“The heart is dirty, the candle shines all things.” Therefore, the spleen and stomach are rotted, the yang transpiration of the yang, and the water and liquid metabolism of the whole body, the regulation of sweat, etc., are inseparable from the important role of Xinyang;The heart is in harmony with the summer.

That is to say, the human being and the natural world are a unified whole. The changes of the yin and yang in the natural world are interrelated and mutually compatible with the functional activities of the human body.

The heart is in the summer, it is said that Xinyang is the most vigorous in summer and the most powerful.

  In the summer, the clothing is often thin, even if the person is healthy, beware of the external feelings. Once you are sick, you should not use the sweating agent easily to avoid sweating.

Older people should pay more attention to avoid blood stasis and prevent heart attack.

Therefore, in the summer season, the mood should be open, and leisurely, and avoid anger and sadness.

In the morning, you can eat a small amount of onion, and you should drink a small amount of red wine for dinner to ventilate blood.

Specific to nominal nursed back to health, we should be low-fat, low-salt, multi-dimensional, light.

People who blow air conditioners for a long time must eat 5 kinds of damp foods.

People who blow air conditioners for a long time must eat 5 kinds of damp foods.

Click to buy air conditioners in the summer, do you often feel the skin on your face is greasy and your hair is often oily?

This is most likely because the body is too moist.

Most people with heavy body moisture are greasy and lack of exercise. Over time, when moisture breaks into the spleen, it will cause a series of serious diseases.

So how can we effectively get rid of moisture?

The five foods described below have the effect of strong dampness!

  Damp food 1, bitter melon bitter gourd bitter, cold, heart, liver, spleen, lung, with heat and dampness, eyesight and detoxification, diuretic and cooling blood.

Because bitter melon contains quinine, it has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxifying, relieving dampness and relieving itching.

It can be used to treat complications such as heat, acne, lice, and eczema.

  祛 食物 food 2, glutinous rice glutinous rice is good for water swelling, spleen and dampness, clearing heat and pus.

High quality glutinous rice has no musty and no hair.

Cook glutinous rice and red beans, drink water and eat beans, and long-term persistence will have an effect.

If you eat glutinous rice alone or if you have a pulverizer at home, you can grind it into powder and make it clear. The effect of eliminating moisture is better than porridge.

  The dampness food 3, the purslane purslane is rich in nutrients, and the therapeutic effect is remarkable, so it is called “longevity dish”.

Chinese medicine believes that purslane has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying, dampness and cooling blood.

Can treat damp heat sore, sore swollen poison, eczema dermatitis embolism.

  Damp food 4, mung bean sprouts Mung bean sprouts are not inferior in nutritional value, it is rich in protein, carotene, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals, but also rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C content.rich.
Mung bean sprouts have the functions of clearing away heat and detoxifying and diuretic dehumidification.

It is suitable for patients with damp heat stasis, urinary redness, constipation, red eyes and swelling.

  Damp food 5, red bean red beans can make blood, but also dehumidification.

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, red beans are flat, sweet and sour; they have the effect of strengthening the spleen and digesting water, clearing away heat and dehumidifying, reducing swelling and detoxification.

Drinking water with red beans can drain the body’s moisture well.

Red beans can also be used to make soy milk, desserts, etc.

Exquisite woman eating whole grains

Exquisite woman eating whole grains

The refinement and refinement of modern life has become the cause of many nutritional diseases.

Diabetes, gout, high blood pressure, colon cancer, obesity, etc. are gradually threatening human health.

“Coarse grains” are relative to processed relative distance and fine grain, mainly including corn, millet, purple rice, sorghum, oats, buckwheat, wheat bran and various dried beans such as soybeans, green beans and red in cereals.Beans, mung beans, etc.

  Classification of coarse grains 1, cereals: corn, millet, red rice, black rice, purple rice, sorghum, barley, oats, buckwheat / wheat bran, etc.

  2, miscellaneous beans: soybeans, mung beans, red beans, black beans, green beans, cowpeas, broad beans, peas and so on.

  3, tuber: sweet potato, yam, potato and so on.

  The fine grain “fine grain” is a term relative to rice, wheat, white flour and other “fine grains”, mainly including corn, sorghum, millet, buckwheat, oats, buckwheat, potato and various beans.Internal products such as classes.

  Coarse grains can make your stomach healthier and your appetite stronger.

The old saying goes: “The grain is raised”, meaning that the coarse and fine grains are rich in nutrients, and eating with them is good for health.

Different varieties of grain, nutritional value is not the same, oat starch protein; millet instead of tryptophan, carotene; beans intake of high-quality protein; sorghum contains high fatty acids, as well as rich iron; potato contains carotene and vitamin C.

  Many coarse grains are also medicinal. For example, corn is recognized as the world’s “golden crop”, and its cellulose is 4-10 times higher than that of polished rice and fine flour.

And cellulose can accelerate intestinal peristalsis, can rule out factors of colorectal cancer, reduce plasma absorption, and prevent coronary heart disease.

Mung bean is sweet and cold, has diuretic swelling, neutralizes detoxification and cools thirst; buckwheat contains “chlorophyll” and “rutin” which are not found in other grains.

Vitamin B1 and B2 in buckwheat are more than double in wheat, and niacin is 3-4 times.

Both niacin and rutin contained in buckwheat are drugs for the treatment of hypertension.

Regular consumption of buckwheat also has a certain effect on diabetes.

  Fresh coarse rice is better for health routine than polished rice, because the more refined the food, the more vitamins, protein and cellulose are lost.

Although the precipitated fiber in the coarse grain can not be digested and utilized by the human body, it can pass the intestinal gas, clean up the waste, and promote the food waste to be excreted as soon as possible.

  The nutrient-rich nutrients in the coarse grains of delicate women eating coarse grains are the essence of nature, and also the basic elements of beautiful women to maintain good looks and perfect skin.

  Life is getting more and more refined, and eating is more and more picky. – Going to a fine restaurant, eating burdock, drinking red wine, seafood, not abalone, sashimi, shark’s fin, no entry. but under the nourishment of these foods, weNot only did the skin become more and more delicate, but the body became weaker and weaker, and even became the power of the chicken. The reason was that the fine nutrients in the coarse grains were reduced.

  1, plant fiber exquisite function: improve fiber dull and rough; activate blood vessels, prevent cardiovascular disease interpretation: plant fiber is a substance that can not be digested, it includes cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin, pectin, gums and some non-cellulosic sugars.

If the dietary fiber in the food, the residue is reduced, it is easy to cause constipation, accompanied by metabolic disorders, dark complexion, tone, acne and other problems.

Plant fiber can promote bowel movements, make the body smooth and easy to defecate, strengthen the metabolic function, and make the skin become shiny.

  Tip: In addition to coarse grains, plant fiber is also widely found in fresh vegetables (such as celery, canola, cabbage, cucumber, cabbage, radish, etc.) and fruits (banana, apple, orange, grape, etc.).

  2, “micro-enzyme” inhibitor, rich in vitamin exquisite function: enhance cell activity, resist skin oxidation, prevent cancer: “micro-enzyme” is an inhibitor, it is a cancer killer, it prevents the spread of skin cancer, inhibitThe role of liver cancer.
The role of colon cancer growth.

In addition, corn contains a lot of carotene, which can be converted into physiologically active vitamin A after being digested by the human body. It has inhibitory effects on lung cancer, gastric cancer and esophageal cancer; soybean contains chlorogenic acid, isoflavones and traces of non-purinary molybdenum.Complete inhibition of oncogene production. There are a large number of bacteria in the human large intestine, and some of these bacteria can produce toxic substances such as ammonia, phenol, and the like.

Eating more whole grains can stimulate bowel movements and reduce the damage of toxins to the human body.

According to some surveys, Africans have a lot of plant fiber in their food, but they rarely have colorectal cancer. In the United States, where meat is the mainstay, 42 of 100,000 people suffer from colorectal cancer due to the reduction of plant fiber in food.More than 6 times higher than Africa.

  Many coarse grains (such as soybeans) can also enhance antioxidants, enhance cell vitality, and keep skin fresh and shiny.

  3, low content, diversified comprehensive nutrition and refined functions: to ensure all aspects of the human body, and low levels of fat decomposition: people who want to lose weight must eat coarse grains, and because of its low content, but also because of rough, after eatingIt is easy to feel full.

For example, corn, which contains at least protein, traces, impurities and other essential nutrients, can also reduce crude fiber, which is 10 times higher than polished rice and fine.

Even sweet potatoes, only 127 kcal per 100 grams, only half of the taro.

  The Chinese and Western coarse grain diets have collided too many people to have a bias toward the concept of coarse grains, often replaced with “heavy grains”.

In fact, rice and wheat, which are said to be incompletely processed or processed, should be divided into coarse grains.

In addition to rye, buckwheat, etc., many countries in Europe are popular for eating rough processed foods, such as broken rice, that is, without removing the outer shell of the grain or removing the outer shell, it is not excessively polished and processed.

  Dietary habits have been left at the table of urban people. They are gradually accepted because they understand their nutritional value, but often do not understand the production and matching, the taste is not good.

Know how to mix with other more delicious foods (such as milk, jam, butter, nuts, etc.).
  Although the coarse grain comprehensive index is rich in nutrients, it is limited by taste and cooking methods, but not all are suitable as staple foods.
Generally speaking, the coarse grains that are common in the market and accepted by more people mainly include corn, sweet potatoes, and coarse rice.

  Corn Consumption Index: ★★★★ There are many ways to eat corn. It can be eaten directly by cooking and roasting. It can also be mixed with rice and rice to make porridge. It can also be mixed with white flour to make corn tassel.Wait.
  Delicious index: ★★★★ The taste of corn is refreshing and sweet. It tastes best when cooked directly. It can also be used as a match in porridge to increase the sweetness. However, after the flour is made into steamed bread, the graininess is heavier and the taste is slightly worse.

  Nutrition Index: ★★★★★ Yellow corn seed, also known as yellow plant food, replaces magnesium.

Magnesium can help vasodilation, strengthen intestinal wall peristalsis, increase bile, promote the excretion of waste in the body, and help the body’s metabolism.

Accurate glutamic acid and other amino acids required by the human body can promote the metabolism of brain cells and help to eliminate ammonia in brain tissue.

  Red corn seed is characterized by vitamin B2.

Regular consumption can prevent and treat keratitis, tongue inflammation, oral ulcers and other riboflavin deficiency.

  Corn oil is mainly characterized by vitamin E.

Regular consumption can not only be cosmetic, but also reduce the plasma content of blood, which can prevent arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease.

  The germ and pollen of corn are mixed with natural vitamin E.

Regular consumption can enhance physical strength and endurance, and can effectively prevent anemia during pregnancy.

  Corn mustard water as tea, diuretic, blood pressure, heat, digestion, hemostasis, diarrhea and other effects.

It can be used in diabetes hypertensive syndrome, liver and gallbladder diseases, and diseases such as indigestion.

  Edible index of sweet potato: ★★★ Sweet potato, also known as “sweet potato” or “sweet potato”, is mostly steamed, boiled or edible, instead of being used as a staple food on the table.

  Delicious index: ★★★★ Sweet potato is sweet and soft, so it has a better taste.

However, it is easy to cause problems such as abdominal distension. Before cooking, the sweet potato cubes can be eaten with salt water for one or two hours, which can reduce the discomfort such as pantothenic acid, bloating and exhaust after eating.

  Nutrition Index: ★★★★★ Sweet potato replaces starch, its amino acid, vitamin A, B, C and cellulose content exceeds rice and white noodles.

The first essential iron, calcium and other minerals are essential long-lived foods.

Studies have shown that sweet potatoes contain substances similar to estrogen, which can make the skin white and delicate after eating.

It also contains mucin, which promotes the excretion of high blood pressure, prevents mild cardiovascular deposition, and maintains the elasticity of arterial blood vessels, thereby effectively protecting the heart and preventing cardiovascular diseases.

  The edible index of coarse rice: ★★★★★ The so-called coarse rice is the rice that is not processed finely.

It can be mixed with polished rice for cooking and is the most common staple food staple.

  Delicious index: ★★★The crude rice is left in the outer layer of the grain and has a very thick taste, so it can be eaten alone.

  Nutrition index: ★ ★ ★ ★ flour is the most abundant nutrients, in addition to a small amount of protein, traces, vitamins (A, B, C, E), also contains zinc, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and other trace elements.

These vitamins and trace elements are very important to the human body. Take vitamin B1 as an example. It is a cofactor for the body’s metabolic enzymes. The production of B1 affects the body’s metabolic function. The obvious manifestation is fatigue and lack of spirit.

  In addition, millet, red rice, black rice, wheat kernel and other coarse grains are more common in the market.

As far as cereals are concerned, most of their cellulose, vitamins and pigments are contained in the outer shell and the outer layer of rice kernel. The common high-fiber bread, which is yellow and black, is actually made by grinding the outer shell together.Casting.

  Hardcover coarse grains recommend coarse grains, although the benefits are numerous, but because of its poor taste and lack of exquisite appearance, it has not been able to stand up to the elegant.

However, as the health trend has become more and more fierce, the coarse grains have also changed their face, repackaged, and under the banner of “coarse grain and fine food”, they have finally entered the room and become a new choice for urban exquisite women.

  Coarse Grain Hardcover 1: Improved production process, transformed into coarse grain bread and bread is convenient and delicious, coarse grains are healthy and beneficial, and they are one and the nutrition is balanced, which naturally becomes one of the staple foods on the breakfast table of urbanites.

It seems that, do not simply judge whether it is coarse grain bread, because some bread is based on white bread, add caramel, chocolate or syrup, eat no cellulose, but absorb more impurities and cockroaches.

In the process of purchasing, you should carefully identify the upper layer of the outer packaging, such as “rye bread” or the words “whole wheat flour” and “high fiber”.

  Coarse Grain Hardcover 2: Mix and match, strengthen the taste of the food is not good, the key depends on whether you will do it, through the mix with vegetables, desserts, fine grains, etc., coarse grains can also become delicious.

Especially with fine rice and fine noodles, it can maintain the smoothness of the entrance and balance nutrition. It is an excellent choice for staple food.

  The convenience of urban people, the biggest sloppy breakfast, many high-sorghum, high-cholesterol fast foods are often the first choice, the following recommended two breakfast menus, easy to make, can also balance human nutrition.

  1, vegetable sandwich ingredients: sliced wheat square bag, fresh vegetables (cucumber, lettuce, tomato, etc.), eggs, jam practices: the fried eggs and vegetables can be sandwiched into square bags, you can also add jam according to taste.

  Features: Refreshing vegetables can reduce the roughness of the powder when the coarse grain bread is imported.

If you prefer to season with jam, pay attention to the weight so as not to replace the xylene fraction.
  2, oatmeal ingredients: instant half a bowl of oatmeal (can be sold in the market), a bowl of milk, one egg, sugar can be made: 1, the eggs are evenly mixed, spare.
  2, add instant oatmeal and a bowl of milk to the milk pot to boil, pay attention to while stirring and stir to prevent sticking.

  3, pour in the evenly beaten eggs, add sugar or rock sugar according to taste.

  Coarse grains eat beautiful skin of ancient people, “grain for raising”, which means eating whole grains is good for health.

“Coarse grains” mainly include internal products such as corn, sorghum, millet, buckwheat, oats, buckwheat, potato and various beans.

But eating whole grains is also good for the skin, but it is not necessarily known.

  Different coarse grains have different effects. For example, corn is recognized as the “golden crop” in the world, and its cellulose is 4-10 times higher than that of polished rice and fine flour.

And cellulose can accelerate intestinal peristalsis, can rule out factors of colorectal cancer, reduce plasma absorption, and prevent coronary heart disease.

  Mung bean is sweet and cold, has diuretic swelling, neutralizes detoxification and cools thirst; buckwheat contains “chlorophyll” and “rutin” which are not found in other grains. Its vitamin B1 and B2 are more bidirectional than wheat, and niacin is 3-4 times.
At the same time, niacin and rutin contained in buckwheat are drugs for treating hypertension.

 Regular consumption of buckwheat is also effective for diabetes.

  Fresh coarse rice is better for healthy routine than polished rice, because the more refined the food, the more vitamins, protein and cellulose are lost.

  The large amount of moisture in the coarse grains directly brings benefits to the skin. For example, cellulose in coarse grains accelerates intestinal peristalsis, promotes defecation and detoxification, and reduces skin diseases such as long acne; coarse grains and diuretic swelling make the skin fine and even; for the skin, beansAnd the oil in the nut vitamin E, can help anti-oxidation and eliminate free radicals, is an angel to protect the skin; especially the coarse grains also contain a lot of magnesium, can promote the excretion of body waste, have the effect of weight loss, which is also to ensure skin fitnessThe essential.

  Amy’s lady, middle-aged “three high” symptoms, long-term constipation, long-term office, contact with computer-oriented family, the number of people who are willing to eat more food.

Especially in summer, the fruits are rich, the coarse grains can be greasy, and it is better to eat more.

If you can eat more fruits during the day, you can eat miscellaneous porridge for dinner.

Stick to a summer, the skin will definitely improve.

  However, it should be noted that coarse grains generally have the disadvantages of poor sensory and poor absorption. This problem can be solved by mixing coarse grains or porridge with fine grains.

Older people with poor long-term function (over 60 years old) and children with impaired digestive function should eat less coarse grains and eat coarse grains.

Patients with stomach ulcers, gastrointestinal ulcers, and acute gastroenteritis require soft food, so avoid eating coarse grains; prevent chronic diabetes, and patients with chronic inflammatory inflammation should eat less coarse grains.

  It is undeniable that seven groups of people should not eat whole grains. Advocating people to eat coarse grains properly can prevent diseases.

Because cellulose can inhibit the absorption of cholesterol, reduce high blood lipids, promote bowel movements, and prevent constipation; while B vitamins, especially vitamin B1, can prevent beriberi.

At the same time, many coarse grains also have medicinal value. For example, buckwheat contains “chlorophyll” and “rutin” which are not found in other grains, and can treat high blood pressure.

However, if too much coarse grains are likely to be harmful to human health.

First of all, the coarse grain itself has low nutritional value, and it is not easy to digest and has low absorption rate. Secondly, the dietary fiber in the coarse grain can affect the absorption of calcium, iron and other nutrients.

Although the coarse grains are good, they are not suitable for all people. Some people with special constitutions should not eat coarse grains often.

  People with poor gastrointestinal function have a weaker gastrointestinal function. Eating too much dietary fiber is a big burden on metabolism.

  People with calcium and iron deficiency will have a combination of phytic acid and dietary fiber, which will form a precipitate and hinder the body’s absorption of minerals.

  People with digestive diseases have cirrhosis of the esophageal varices or gastric ulcers, eating a large amount of coarse grains can cause venous rupture and ulcer bleeding.

  If people with low immunity are exposed to more than 50 grams of cellulose per day for a long time, the protein supplementation of the human body is blocked, and the accumulation is slightly reduced, causing damage to the functions of bones, heart, blood and other organs, and reducing the immunity of the human body.

  People with heavy physical activity have low nutritive value and low energy supply. For those who have heavy physical labor, the nutrition is insufficient.

  In the growth and development of adolescents due to the special needs of growth and development of nutrients and energy and physiological requirements for hormone levels, coarse grains can only prevent metabolic absorption and its conversion into hormones, but also prevent the absorption and utilization of nutrients.

  Older people and children have digestive functions in the elderly, and their digestive function is not perfect. Digesting a large amount of dietary fiber is a great burden on the body.

Moreover, the absorption and utilization rate of nutrients are relatively low, which is not conducive to the growth and development of children.

  Dietitians point out that it is necessary to eat whole grains, but it is important to pay attention to the combination of thickness and nutrients.

For example, the whole grain porridge or mixed with fine grains to eat, with protein, mineral-rich foods to help absorb.

At the same time, people who are not suitable for eating more coarse grains should reduce the consumption of coarse grains to avoid malnutrition.

  The nutrient coarse grains of coarse grains are rich in insoluble cellulose, which is conducive to ensuring the normal operation of the digestive system.

It works in conjunction with soluble fiber to lower the concentration of low-density plasma and triglycerides in the blood; increase the residence time of food in the stomach, repeat the rate of glucose absorption after meals, reduce high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular and cerebrovascularThe risk of disease.

  Medical research has also shown that cellulose helps to fight various diseases such as stomach cancer, colon cancer, diabetes, and ulcerative enteritis.
But for coarse grains, we have to eat more and not eat more, because eating too much coarse grains also has disadvantages.
  Mix millet and fine grain with edible food and fine grain with 1 2 porridge, put millet and rice together to cook porridge.

  2 millet mung bean porridge, put the millet and mung bean together to cook porridge, you can put a small amount of peanuts.

  3 Laba porridge, the materials used in Laba porridge vary slightly depending on the region and taste.

Later, more pearl rice, barley rice, wheat kernel, black rice, and some also put ginkgo, lily, lotus seeds, longan, mung bean, flower beans, etc., together with candied food.

The method of making Laba porridge is relatively simple.

  4 millet brown sugar porridge.

  5 millet flour taro.

  Coarse grain finely prepared 1 millet pancake 2 millet flour head, millet flour, soy flour plus a small amount of eggs or milk powder can be made into a delicious nest.

  3 millet yam porridge, mix the millet powder and yam powder, add white sugar to eat.

  Local flavor food 1 Lujia paste porridge, one of the famous characteristics of Yucheng, also known as confused.

  2 Zibo tea soup, soak the millet, remove it and dry it slightly, grind it on the ground, add the powder, add sugar, and prepare with boiling water.

  3 Jinzhong pearl porridge, pearl porridge is the ordinary Xiaomi mung bean porridge in Shouyang.

   4 Tongchuan Snowflake Sugar.

  5 Qufu jujube pancakes.

  6 Manchu dragon and tiger fighting, rice with rice, millet, and small beans.

  Corn is eaten with fine grains and 1 corn cake, flour and corn flour can be steamed into cake.

  2 tortillas, mixed with the right amount of soy flour to make a nest.

  3 corn taro, mixed with flour to make a steamed bun.

  Coarse grains are finely prepared. 1 corn porridge, corn granules are difficult to cook, and can be cooked with “corn glutinous rice”.

  2 corn porridge 3 popcorn 4 boiled fresh corn 5 corn dumplings, buns, top local flavor food 1 corn granules, corn granules are made of fresh corn granules and jam.

  2 Huaiyin corn glutinous rice porridge, put two pounds of corn in a pot, put it into the water flowing over the corn head, put it into the pot, use the after-fire after cooking, encircle it, about three or four hours, soaked, cornThe water is heated to a full extent, and then ground to a paste with water.

  3 filter slurry salty porridge.

  4 Yunnan Baogutun, Yunnan is commonly known as corn for the valley.

Ba Gua is a flavored snack made with fresh corn during the ripening season of corn every year.

The method of eating buckwheat is mixed with fine grain with 1 buckwheat cake, and the soba noodles are mixed with flour to make a cake.

  2 buckwheat noodles, soba noodles mixed with flour to make noodles.

  3 buckwheat noodles, soba noodles mixed with flour to make steamed buns.

  4 荞 wheat.

  Coarse grain finely prepared 1 buckwheat dumplings, buns, a small amount of 2 buckwheat bread 3 buckwheat pancakes to eat coarse grains correctly. Eat coarse grains and drink plenty of water. The cellulose in the whole grain needs a large amount of water to back up in order to effectively maintain its normal work.

Generally, if you eat 1 times more cellulose, you should drink 1 times more water.

  Step-by-step eating of coarse grains suddenly increases or decreases the intake of coarse grains, which can cause an interventional response.

For people who are usually carnivorous, in order to help internal adaptation and increase the food intake of coarse grains, they should be gradual and rushed.

  Eating coarse grains with leeks When we make food every day, in addition to taking into account taste hobbies, we should also consider the combination of sputum and balanced intake.

The daily intake of coarse grains is 30?
60 grams is appropriate, but it should be adjusted according to individual circumstances.

  The three principles of eating coarse grains, the principle of how to mix and match the food, “coarse and fine grains can complement each other.”

Middle-aged people, especially those who have “three highs”, constipation and other symptoms, long-term office workers, contact with computer-oriented family, people who have become social lunches should eat more coarse grains.

  Principle 2 The content of lysine in the coarse grains and non-staple foods is reduced, and it can be supplemented with the non-staple food such as milk.

  Principle 3: Coarse grains and coarse grains generally have the disadvantages of poor sensory and poor absorption. This problem can be solved by mixing coarse grains or porridge with fine grains.
Older people with poor long-term function and children with poor digestive function should eat less coarse grains and eat coarse grains.

Acute gastritis, intestinal ulcers, acute gastroenteritis patients have soft food requirements, so avoid avoiding eating coarse grains; long-term chronic diabetes, chronic inflammatory inflammation patients should eat less coarse grains; athletes, manual workers must demand to restore energy as soon as possibleEat less coarse grains.

These postures are definitely fat

These postures are definitely fat

My aunts pile up, my body is getting fat, not only because I eat too much, but I don’t have to move too much. Maybe it’s your posture is wrong, especially the OL sitting in the office all day, how do you usually sit and how to stand, how to stand, untilOne day, the embarrassing figure in the mirror ruthlessly hits you, laughs at you, and sees where you come from, beautiful and confident!

Don’t regret it then, let’s take a look at the culprit who made you fat, and resolutely murder obesity in the cradle!

  The cause of skin looseness is often written down at the desk, it should be easy to loosen the skin, double chin appears, the lines of the two lines are blurred, and the meat appears.

Relaxed and leaned back, there will be a deep neckline behind the neck, unfortunately piled up at the junction of the neck and shoulders, a large meat mass appeared.

  The hunchback ruins the female curve buckle, which will cause the chest to not stand up and sag.

Humpback, leading to shoulders, back stacking, tiger back bear waist, lost the feeling of female spirit show!

  Improper sitting posture causes the abdominal swimming ring to bend and bow when sitting, how to sit comfortably, and form a “swim ring” in the middle section.

The excess squats on the waist and the abdomen accumulates.

  Improper standing causes the leg bones to sag, the lower legs relax, and the upper body’s weight is in the lower body, causing the hips to hang down, the gluteal muscles expand and the thighs become thicker, especially the thighs.

Do not panic blood lipids, remember these 4 points, add it, improve blood lipids, much simpler than taking medicine!

Do not panic blood lipids, remember these 4 points, add it, improve blood lipids, much simpler than taking medicine!

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Hyperlipidemia is a common disease, especially in today’s people’s living standards, people with high blood lipids are more and more, especially for the elderly.

Once you have high blood lipids, you must treat them promptly. In the daily life, the elderly should do preventive work. How can the elderly prevent high blood fat?

You can start with the following methods!

1. Don’t overeat dinner. For the elderly, if you eat too much, if you eat too much, it will increase the blood flow to the stomach and reduce the blood flow to the head and heart. This will increase the cerebral infarction.With the discipline of coronary heart disease, this is very dangerous and needs more attention.

2, do not overdose. For many patients with other diseases, if a large number of long-term use of sleeping pills or those antihypertensive drugs will increase the viscosity of the blood, it will easily lead to the emergence of stroke in the elderly, it will beLife is a great threat, which is terrible.

3, the pillow should not be too high for people with high blood lipids, the general blood flow rate will be slower than normal people, and the high pillow will slow the flow of blood to the head, which will easily lead to old ageIt is also necessary to pay special attention to the occurrence of dilated stroke in humans.

4, the cover is not too heavy for the patient, if the use of thick cotton quilt will cause serious impediment to the operation of the blood, which will lead to obstacles in the blood flow of the brain, so should be avoided as much as possible, this is a good preventionHyperlipidemia, patients should pay enough attention.

The above is the method for preventing high blood lipids in the elderly. In daily life, the elderly must be promptly related to prevent and prevent certain diseases from causing harm to themselves.

If you have high blood lipids, you should go to the appropriate treatment as soon as possible. Only in this way can you maintain a healthy body and have a happy life. Here is a recommended diet for everyone to effectively reduce high blood fat.

Human blood vessels “scavenger” -[Life Fruit Goblet Gourd]soak in water, morning and evening, blood lipids drop, blood vessels pass!

[Life fruit squash gourd]: SOD (superoxide dismutase) is the natural enemy of oxygen free radicals, the number one killer of oxygen free radicals in the body.

In 1998, three famous scientists in the United States, Robert, Ferry and Loignano, announced to the world that the reduction of these activities of SOD is the root cause of human illness and death. The supplemental SOD can prevent and treat various diseases and delay aging.the goal of.

With this research, he won the 1998 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine.

In 2013, the famous American medical journal “Lancet” found that[Life Prickly Gourd]is not only directly natural SOD (superoxide dismutase), but also rich in anthocyanins, salicylic acid, quercetin, solidified flowers.Acid, can soften blood vessels, remove blood fat, blood clots and other blood waste.

[Life fruit thorn gourd]soaking water: take 5-8 capsules, wait for the temperature below 50 degrees, put it into a water cup for about five minutes, then add the dried fruit together, one cup each morning and evening, the best effect, for several weeksWill feel their own obvious changes.

Professionals put their faces on the table to relieve fatigue

Professionals put their faces on the table to relieve fatigue

In tall office buildings, the office area is usually divided into many partitions.

For office workers, work every day is also around the transition.

The vision is not open, the environment is depressed, it will inevitably make people emotionally irritable and work efficiency will decline.

The idea of the American “Dream” magazine gives you the idea that it does not prevent the mirror from being placed on it.

  According to Harvard University research, from a psychological point of view, looking in the mirror can train people’s self-confidence, insert them into the mirror, and when they have difficulties in work or when they are in a bad mood, they can effectively relieve psychological stress and irritability.mood.

Don’t underestimate the action of looking in the mirror. When you are done, when you are very resistant to doing something, it will urge you to insist on victory.

  In addition, the interior of the office is usually small in space, densely staffed, and long-term intensively staring at the computer, the eyes will dry and cyan, fatigue and soreness. If you look at the mirror and follow the principle of reflection, you can visually add room.The permeability enhances the visual range of people and thus improves the role of rehabilitation fatigue.

  Of course, if there are conditions, it is recommended to install a mirror in the office, especially the high-rise building facing the window, which can effectively increase the indoor illumination and relieve the visual fatigue.

However, the mirror should be flat and the reflective coating should be uniform. Otherwise, the reflected light will be deformed, which will increase the visual fatigue.