Alzheimer’s diet

Alzheimer’s diet

Alzheimer’s disease occurs mostly after the age of 65, and women are more than men, and their incidence increases with age.

  Chinese medicine believes that senile dementia is mostly old and physically weak, five internal organs are exhausted, kidney yin deficiency, lack of blood, heart and kidney deficiency, medullary emptiness, and cerebral dystrophy as a result of the year after entering the flower, should pay attention to healthYinyi kidney, filling the marrow to improve memory, enhance intelligence, eliminate fatigue, to prevent the occurrence of senile dementia.

Choose the following therapeutic side.


Sheep bone porridge: 1000 grams of sheep bone, 100 grams of rice, fine salt size, 2 white stems, 3 slices of ginger, 10 grams of lotus rice (study fine).

Wash the sheep bones, smash, add water decoction, add water to the soup, increase rice, lotus rice porridge, when cooked, transfer to fine salt, scallion, ginger, warm and morning and evening.

It can replenish the kidney and fill the essence, strengthen the brain and soothe the nerves, and strengthen the bone marrow. It is suitable for senile dementia with deficiency of kidney essence and deficiency of spleen and stomach.


Walnut Shouwu stewed pig brain: walnut kernel, 15 grams of Polygonum multiflorum, 6 grams of gastrodia, 1 pig brain, seasonings.

Slice the gastrodia elata, the first Ubud package, the pig brain to the fascia spare, put the water in the pot, Tianma, walnut, Shouwu, simmer, boil, pig brain, cook until the brain is cooked, go to the medicine package, seasoning and taking.

Can be dirty to make up the dirty, to shape the shape, nourishing the kidney, yin and fill the fine, suitable for the elderly five visceral deficiency, heart palpitations caused by meditation, insomnia, memory loss, dementia, forgetfulness and so on.


Fish head stewed mushrooms: 1 head of squid, mushrooms, fat, seasonings, 3 grams of ginseng powder.

Cut the fish head into two halves, add onion, ginger, cooking wine and marinate for 2 hours. Put the fat slices, fish head, and winter mushrooms in the pot, add water, salt, and steam for about 30 minutes, then add the cucumber., chopped green onion, coriander, MSG ginger, sesame oil ginseng Serve.

Can be clear brain and eye puzzle, suitable for kidney yin deficiency, medullary sea caused by meditation, insomnia, gait instability, blurred vision, dementia and so on.


Pork spinal soft-shelled fish soup: 200 grams of pig spinal cord, 1 soft-shelled turtle, seasonings.

The turtle is scalded with boiling water, and the carapace, internal organs, head, claws, and porcine spinal cord are washed and spared. The turtle meat is placed in the pan with the onion and ginger. After the fire is boiled, the simmer is cooked until the turtle meat is cooked., boil, then pepper, MSG, salt, cooking wine, etc., cooked and taken.

It can supplement qi and blood, fill kidney essence, strong lumbar ridge, Cong brain, and has good tonic effect on senile dementia, cerebral arteriosclerosis and brain atrophy.


Beef jelly: 1 kg of beef, 250 grams of rice wine, 15 grams of meat.

Wash the beef, cut into small pieces, put in the pot, add the right amount of water, boil the fire, turn to the simmer, boil, gravy once a hour, add water and cook again, so repeated four times, the broth taken four timesAbout 2000 grams of simmered with simmer until the gravy is thick, transfer to the yellow wine, minced meat, continue to cook until the gravy is sticky, stop the fire and warm the bottle, and take a small cup every night.

It can nourish qi and nourish blood, spleen appetite, suitable for middle-aged and elderly people with spleen and stomach deficiency, lack of blood, forgetfulness and insomnia, weak body weight loss, and reduced food intake.


White fungus stew: 15 grams of white fungus, 500 grams of refined pork, 10 jujubes.

Soak the fungus, remove the roots, impurities, wash, wash the pork slices, crush the rock sugar, remove the jujube, put in the pot, add the right amount of water, boil the fire, turn the simmer until the white fungus is make.
Can be used to supplement the stomach, suitable for spleen and stomach deficiency caused by fatigue, dizziness, fatigue, movement, wheezing, forgetfulness, palpitations, insomnia, and more dreams.


补脑宁神羹: 2 pairs of pig brain (or cow, sheep brain), 6 grams of white fungus, black fungus, 6 mushrooms, 3 quail eggs, 2 teaspoons of Shouwu juice, salt, MSG and other condiments.

The two ears, the mushrooms are opened, washed, the two ears are chopped, the shredded mushrooms are shredded, the quail eggs are cooked, the shells are spared, the pig brain is removed from the fascia, the pan is steamed and chopped, and the boiled water is boiled.Quail eggs, Shouwu juice and seasonings, etc., boil, add appropriate amount of starch to thicken Serve.

Can make up the brain and eyesight, Ningxin and soothe the nerves, apply to liver and kidney deficiency, dry eyes, dry eyes, insomnia, dreams, memory loss, energy inequality.

Debunking the five rumors about vegetarianism

Debunking the five rumors about vegetarianism


Wouldn’t it be okay to eat vegetarian food and eat vegetarian food?

I don’t have to look back too long. There are several people who can eat meat in the arduous war years. At that time, eating white-faced pancakes was considered corrupt, but “Shi Guangrong” still did not chase after the little devils running in the mountains!

If you have enough energy, you need to exercise adequately, how good your physical fitness is, whether your basic nutrition is guaranteed, and whether you have a relationship with eating or eating.


If you are vegetarian, you will be hungry and eat vegetarian. You will be hungry quickly. This is a bit of a reason.

Starch is the main energy source in vegetarian diet, with fast gastric emptying and fast digestion and absorption.

There are feces and protein in the leek, and the feces, especially the saturated feces that are replaced by animal food, are the longest in the stomach, so the feeling of satiety is long.

In the same way, high-fat vegetarian food such as fried cakes, fried dough sticks, peanuts and walnuts are actually very hungry.

To be precise, the type of low-fat, high-carbohydrate precipitates is hungry fast, not simply a matter of sputum.


Vegetarians will be less ill. The most important factors in the modern disease spectrum are chronic non-communicable diseases and tumors. Some people attribute this to the lack of diet caused by improved living conditions, especially animal foods.

However, it is an indisputable fact that the average life expectancy is prolonged, the incidence of infectious diseases and malnutrition diseases is sharply reduced compared to the age when meat is not eaten.

In combination with your own physique and diet, it is best to do a versatile match, without going from one extreme to the other.


Vegetarianism affects sexual desire. As the saying goes, “When you think about it, is vegetarianism equal to high temperature?”

Obviously not.

Since it is not, nature will not interfere with the reproductive function, unless the vegetarian diet causes malnutrition in the body.

On the contrary, some people also hope to look at the natural way, relying on the magical factors in plant food to tremble.


A vegetarian person who will have a boy’s statement lacks scientific evidence, very gossip!

In this way, the “small cotton jacket” loves to eat meat, and the flowering hoe that uses the baking soda will be full of children and grandchildren?

The acid-base balance of human body fluid is very stable, and the effect of diet is actually very weak.

Furthermore, epidemiological studies are not required to support different dietary habits related to the gender of the child.

Salad dressing natural high-skinned people eat easy to gain weight

Salad dressing natural high-skinned people eat easy to gain weight

Salad dressing, made with a lot of eggs and oil, is extremely high conversion.

  Salad dressing is indeed a high-purity, high-fat, high-cholesterol food, which is determined by its ingredients.

According to statistics, each serving (15 grams) of salad dressing contains about 100 kcal, which is equivalent to a pair of rice or white flour of equal weight.

  If you take a bag of 100 grams of commercially available egg yolk salad dressing, pour it into a bowl and put it in a microwave for 1 minute and 30 seconds on high heat. The salad dress that has just been semi-solid has turned into a half bowl of bright oil!

The original so-called salad dressing is actually the egg yolk added to the cooking oil.

The edible oil is emulsified into a paste by the phospholipids in the egg yolk during the continuous stirring with the egg yolk, and thus presents a semi-solid taste in front of us.

  Mixing a plate of salad basically requires at least 50 grams of salad dressing. If you want to taste the taste and want to show the effect of each vegetable being wrapped in salad dressing, then a plate of salad will need to mix about 100 grams of salad dressing.

The 100 grams of salad dressing itself is three times more energy than the equivalent weight of the pig’s large intestine!

  The salad dressing is high in fat, and there are too many salt hidden inside. Long-term consumption will make people gain weight, but it will also cause certain harm to the cardiovascular system.

  For example, an adult female light manual worker needs 2100 kcal of energy per day, and dinner accounts for 1/3 of the total energy of the day, which is 700 kcal.

And every 100 grams of salad dressing 2939 kilojoules, after conversion is 702 kcal.

Therefore, the wavelength of a salad is equal to the conversion of normal dinner, so salad is really easy to make people fat.

Liang Hongda took the fairy wife home, why should Dingke users not waste good genes?

Liang Hongda took the fairy wife home, why should Dingke users not waste good genes?

The health circle is a “big dye tank”, what color do you want to become, or you can help others to color!

Ok, let’s not say much, let’s take a look at the next exciting!

Liang Hongda took the fairy wife home, why should I be Dink?

Netizen: Don’t waste good genes. For Liang Hongda, everyone should have a good understanding. Before Liang Hongda said that the old Liang story will be waiting for the world, the old Liang story will wait for some programs. It is also a favorite of many netizens. Many netizens have been explained by Liang Hongda.And the humorous style has attracted people. In fact, when Liang Hongda evaluates something, the aspects involved are very wide, and the problems of the analysis of the matter cannot be picked out. The host who can do this is reallyLess pitiful.

Liang Hongda sometimes wants to talk about some things about the stars. After all, Liang Hongda is also a person in the entertainment circle. Liang Hongda is not only a wide range of knowledge, but also a smooth and smooth career. Liang Hongda is very envious of many netizens.Liang Hongda’s wife is four years younger than herself. She is also a wife. When she put her wife in that era, it’s really a fairy. This word is not wrong. Liang Hongda’s wife is Jing Muyao. Today is China Education TV.The chief moderator of the news center, two people are also very handsome.

Before, Liang Hongda’s program was able to do what it is now, and it has an inseparable relationship with the unspeakable support behind his wife. Jin Muyang is still a very intellectual woman. When two people have been in love together, there are manyPeople don’t recognize it, but many netizens have also said some unsatisfactory words, but the two people did not care about what the outside world thinks. The last two people stepped into the marriage hall, and Liang Hongda was able to find such aA beautiful woman is really a blessing from the previous generation. Then why does Liang Hongda choose to be Dink?

This is also a thing that many netizens can’t touch their minds.

Before the audience even asked Liang Hongda Dink in person, Liang Hongda even blurted out and said that he only wants to live with his wife in the world of two people, and does not want too much worry, so two people will not plan to have children in this life.After this incident, they all said that it is really not a waste of such a good gene.

In fact, we still have to follow the correct choices, and hope that Liang Hongda and his wife will be happy and sweet to the end.

Liang Hongda took the fairy wife home, why should I be Dink?

Netizen: Don’t waste a good gene. What do you think of netizens about this matter?

Thank you for reading the official. If you can pay attention, Xiaobian is grateful.

The elderly must not learn the eye

The elderly must not learn the eye

The medical profession has witnessed a sudden drop in vision in the elderly. The cause of blindness has been found to be caused by degeneration of the intraocular lens proteins (cataracts) and macular degeneration.

Therefore, as long as you pay attention to supplementing enough anti-free radical anti-aging substances after entering middle age, you can have a pair of eyes with clear vision.

  Prevention of cataract in senile cataract is the most common cause of blindness in the elderly.

According to statistics, the probability of onset from 60 to 70 years old is 77.

8%, 80% for 71-80 years old, over 90% for those over 90 years old, and the blindness rate also increases with age.

It can be seen that active cataract is the key to protecting the vision of the elderly and improving the quality of life.

  The lenticular lens of a crystallographic crystal camera is a transparent, elastic tissue made of protein, through which light can pass smoothly and whose convexity is adjusted by an additional ligament, so that the light is imaged on the macula.

If the crystal protein is partially or completely aged, hardened and turbid, and the transparent state is lost, the object light cannot pass through the incident vision film to produce a clear object image called a cataract.

  Prevention of senile cataract can pay attention to the following aspects: prevention of dehydration in the body in diarrhea, massive vomiting, blood loss, excessive sweating, body temperature is higher than normal, timely and timely filling the body to lose water, blood circulation is reduced, so that tissue cells decomposeA large amount of toxic waste produced by metabolism accumulates in the body, damaging crystal proteins, which lasts for a long time, and cataracts occur many times.

As soon as possible to cure the dehydration disease and timely replenish the lost body fluid, it is an irresistible alternation to prevent cataracts.

  Preventing sunlight from damaging a large amount of ultraviolet light in the sun can cause and aggravate crystal protein denaturation, turbidity, and cataract.

The research data proves that the elderly who are always paying attention to the protection of the sun, the incidence of cataract and the degree of visual impairment are lower and milder than those of the same age who are not paying attention to protection.

Walking in strong sunlight or sunbathing should be protected by a visor (or parasol) and dark glasses.

  Eating a pair of bright eyes is caused by free radical peroxidation damage caused by metabolism.

It can be seen that the frequent absorption of free radical scavenging substances is the best way to prevent or delay the aging of tissue cells and protect normal physiological functions.

These anti-free radical anti-aging substances are available in your daily diet.

Therefore, the following suggestions are made: Eat more natural red foods and supplement the body’s anti-free radicals vitamins C and E.

  According to the test, the concentration of vitamin C in the normal crystal of the eyeball is 30 times of the concentration in the blood; after entering the menopause, the content of antioxidants such as vitamin C and glutathione in the crystal is significantly reduced, some proteins are degraded, gradually become turbid, and cataract appears.symptom.

At this time, the calcium content of the crystal crystal increases, the potassium content decreases, becomes hard, the elasticity decreases, and the contractility of the attached ligament decreases, so that the adjustable convexity of the lens changes remarkably, resulting in a rapid decline in visual ability.

Tomato, carrot, seaweed, red leeks, red sweet potato, onion, pumpkin, hawthorn, red dates, bayberry, strawberry, mulberry, persimmon, purple grape, red apple, purple rice and other red foods, vitamin C, E and other strong antioxidantsIt has a lot of content and is rich in a large amount of β-carotene. It can be decomposed into double amount of vitamin A into the body, which can effectively prevent dry eye disease, corneal ulcer, night blindness and osteoporosis which are easily affected by the elderly.

The synergistic effect of lycopene and β-carotene in red food can significantly enhance the immune activity of macrophages in the body, prevent disease and prevent cancer; a large amount of pectin can promote the excretion of harmful substances in the intestine.

In particular, tomato seeds, the surface of which is decomposed into a large amount of malic acid and citric acid during cooking, can protect vitamin C from being destroyed by heating.

Green tomatoes contain high levels of tomatine, which can cause stomach pain, vomiting, dizziness, general weakness and other symptoms of poisoning.

Therefore, do not eat a lot of tomatoes and persimmons on an empty stomach. The large amount of pectin, persimmon phenol and soluble astringent substances contained in them will chemically react with gastric acid to form stones to replace digestive functions.

  Eat more fresh green vegetables, often eat animal liver, milk or goat milk.

  Among these foods, vitamins A, C, E, and B1 are high in content, so that the cornea, crystals, and retina maintain good metabolism and function to prevent degradation.

Need to be reminded that the animal liver is a detoxifying organism, it should be washed repeatedly with water before cooking, soaking, in order to prevent substances that have not been decomposed into the body to harm the health.

  Drink green tea regularly to resist aging.

  Recent studies by American scholars have confirmed that green tea is rich in vitamins and nutrients, and is also rich in other high-efficiency anti-aging, anti-cancer and anti-cardiovascular diseases. Its comprehensive strength is 100 times that of vitamin C.25 times more vitamin E.

Black tea and oolong tea do not contain such substances, but the amount is much less.

  Early treatment of cataract in elderly cataracts, the use of antioxidants to prevent their development, to protect existing vision is no longer damaged.

In addition to eating more vitamin C, E fresh vegetables, fruits, beverages, etc., can add vitamin C50-600 mg per day, vitamin E 30 mg; at the same time with white end (carratine) or glutathione solution, every eyeEye drops 2-6 times a day, 3-6 times a day, can effectively improve the metabolism of aromatic amino acids, to the development of waterproof crystal protein denaturation.

For mature cataracts, ultrasonic emulsification therapy can be used, or an ophthalmologist can surgically remove hardened crystals and implant artificial crystals to improve vision.

  Prevention of macular degeneration of the retina (1) Smoking cessation: The retinal macula is located in the center of the retina after the eyeball, with a diameter of 1-3 mm, which is the core part of visual imaging.

A survey of American medical scientists found that every 14 people over the age of 75 were blinded by retinal macular degeneration.

Further analysis showed that in these blind people, the replacement was caused by smoking directly causing atrophy of macular cells.

A variety of chemicals in tobacco, causing arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease to occur and develop, so that the supply of retinal arterial blood is reduced, the macular cells are hypoxic, malnutrition, accelerate the development of macular cell aging and lesions.

Therefore, smoking cessation is one of the prerequisites for preventing macular destruction of blindness.  (2) Eat purple grapes often, and add red wine to prevent aging.

A large number of recent studies have shown that purple grapes and red wines contain a large number of strong anti-free radicals to prevent fermentation substances such as flavonoids and phenols, which is 25 times that of vitamin E and 20 times that of white wine.

These flavonoids and phenolic substances can inhibit the aggregation of platelets in the blood vessel wall, reduce hyperlipidemia, prevent atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease, thereby preventing the occurrence and development of macular degeneration.

American scholars have not found that grapes (wine) contain a substance called “resveratuol”, which has a powerful anti-paining effect on human oncogenes and prevents tissue cell cancer.

According to tests, this anti-cancer substance is the highest in grape skin.

Therefore, it is best to eat grapes without spitting.

  Older people with red wine have high blood fat, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, anti-aging, anti-cancer, and prevent cataract and retinal macular degeneration. Although it is ideal, daily doses and methods must meet physiological requirements.

Excessive and excessive drinking will cause or aggravate the occurrence and development of hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, coronary heart disease, cataract, and retinal macular degeneration.

According to the study, the amount of red wine is consumed every day, and it is advisable to drink less. In the middle, dinner and two slow drinks, while taking in the vegetarian diet and the right amount of staple food.

Do not drink on an empty stomach, so as not to stimulate the gastric mucosa and starch, induce gastritis and acute amygitis; the main dish is vegetarian, and the diet and oil should be less, in order to prevent the liver burden and affect the function of liver cells.

In the case of high blood pressure and coronary heart disease, alcohol should be suspended and red food intake should be increased to compensate for the lack of drinking during the period of drinking.

  Immediately correct eye infections In the elderly, the eye tissue is poor in disease resistance, and bacterial and viral infections are prone to occur in the hot season. If not treated in time, it will cause a sudden loss of vision.

In the early stage, it only showed a little more tears, swelling, and the object was not as clear as before, slightly itchy, and a small amount of eyelids (actually a small amount of purulent secretions) in the corner of the eye after waking up, and other symptoms that were not noticed by the patient and the family.

At this time, you can use a broad-spectrum antibiotic aqueous solution to drop eyes, every 1-2 hours, wear dark glasses, stop reading newspapers, do not watch movies, TV, and more closed eyes and other comprehensive treatment, more feasible; 24If there is no significant improvement after the hour, it indicates that the degree of infection is relatively heavy, or the drug used is not sensitive to the infected strain, and the ophthalmologist should be consulted promptly.

  In the autumn season, I also often eat “clear heat and eyesight” diet, such as chrysanthemum tea, bamboo leaf soup, mulberry leaf tea, bitter gourd soup, raw bitter gourd, chrysanthemum, boiled porridge, etc., have ophthalmic tissue and systemic infection.

Acupoint weight loss do not reduce the disease

Acupoint weight loss do not reduce the disease

Nowadays, there are many ways to lose weight in the market, and all kinds of attractive promises are even more confusing.

Body sculpting, aerobics, massage, buried ear and other weight loss methods after the heat.

Also pulled out a “new” way to lose weight – acupuncture.

  Acupoint weight loss: only drink 700 ml of water in 8 days. When the reporter saw an advertisement for a weight loss in a beauty salon, he only thought it was too godly. The above clearly stated: “24 hours to see the miraculous effect, the highest record of losing 15 pounds a day.Can you lose 10 at least 8 days?
20 pounds.

“Curious reporters found this beauty salon.”

The receptionist explained to the reporter that the principle of acupoint weight loss is very simple. If you seal your acupuncture point, you will not be hungry. Hungry is just a feeling, not really appetite.

On the first day, you can’t drink water for 24 hours. In the next 7 days, you only drink 100 ml of water every day. You can’t eat staple food. You can drink yogurt and eat various vegetables. You can only rely on the staple food structure we have established.Expected effect.

  Experts pointed out: Drinking 2000 ml of water every day, the director of the Nutrition Department of Peking Union Medical College Hospital explained to the reporter that the normal daily drinking water should be 2000 ml, including the moisture contained in the food.

Water accounts for 60% of the body’s weight. It is unscientific to control the amount of water and diet to achieve weight loss.

The first two weeks of weight loss will produce weight loss, and the weight will remain the same. It is because the water in the body has been lost, and the amount of water lost is not an extra small amount. The amount of water that exceeds the body’s needs for a long time will causeMetabolism in the new city, blood viscosity increased, the body waste is not easy to discharge, and affect the body’s absorption of nutrients, long-term lack of water in the body will cause kidney function, endocrine system infection and other diseases.

We do not agree with this short-term accelerated weight loss. This type of weight loss is mostly based on physical health as a cost of weight loss.

What are the main manifestations of malignant lymphoma?

What are the main manifestations of malignant lymphoma?

We will not forget that in the early morning of the early summer of eight years ago, Luo Jing, a famous announcer of CCTV’s “News Network”, died of a malignant lymphoma, only 48 years old.

After a lapse of eight years, every time I talked about it, it was still shocking and sighing.

In addition to sadness, we can’t help but ask, what kind of disease is malignant lymphoma, and let him go so fast, what are the main manifestations of malignant lymphoma?

How to prevent it everyday?

The main manifestations of malignant lymphoma are malignant lymphoma divided into Hodgkin’s lymphoma and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma is mainly characterized by painless lymphadenopathy.

The lesion often begins outside the lymph nodes and can invade any organ or tissue. It can manifest as a mass, compression, infiltration, hemorrhage, etc., such as compression of the vascular nerves or suffering from abdominal pain, intestinal obstruction, and compression of the lungs may cause shortness of breath.Edema, compression of the spine can lead to numbness of the limbs, and incontinence and even paralysis.

Intracranial lesions can cause headaches, vomiting, blurred vision, even smoking, coma, etc., can be associated with systemic symptoms such as fever, night sweats, weight loss.

Symptoms in some patients can be relieved in the long term, but overall, the 5-year survival rate is still not high.

How to prevent malignant lymphoma?

The main measures for the prevention of malignant lymphoma should pay attention to avoid the cause of the disease.

1, prevention of viral infections, such as EB virus, adult T lymphocyte virus, HIV, etc., in the spring and autumn, a cold, strengthen their own protection, overcome bad habits.

2, eliminate environmental factors, such as avoiding exposure to various rays and some repetitive substances.

Avoid contact with related toxic substances such as benzene, vinyl chloride, rubber, antimony, gasoline, organic solvent coatings, etc.

3, suffering from autoimmune diseases, such as low immune status after various organ transplants, autoimmune disease, various cancers after chemotherapy.

The graft antiviral disease or immunosuppressive agent can activate the virus and induce it to induce lymphoid hyperplasia.

4, maintain an optimistic, confident health mentality, appropriate physical exercise, help the body’s immune function to stabilize, and promptly eliminate the invasion of external factors.

5, for the risk of people or those who find the risk factors, to achieve early diagnosis, early comprehensive treatment.

The success or failure of complications of comorbidities often has a major impact on the prognosis of the disease, especially the complications of opportunistic infections during the immunosuppressive phase.

In young people, special attention should be paid to tuberculosis, diabetes infection, hepatitis and cytomegalovirus infection.

Related recommendations How to adjust lymphoma lymphoma How to improve lymphoma Usually should pay attention to what lymphoma attention matters, age, cold, difficult to self-test, lymphoma

Really want to lose weight?

Do 4 things in the morning, you will be sure

Really want to lose weight?
Do 4 things in the morning, you will be sure

Many times I want to lose weight, but I don’t have time, I don’t have a mood, especially for office workers.

But Xiao Bian tells you that as long as you do these 4 things every morning, you will be thin and sure.

And, don’t worry, these 4 things are easy to do, you only need to get up in advance for 30 minutes.

  Drinking a cup of boiled water after a cup of boiled water in the morning of 7:00 will not only help to urinate quickly, but also replenish cell water.

Permanent blood viscosity.

Usually half an hour after boiled water, the body will expel the metabolites of the previous night.

In addition, boiled water does not contain protein, traces, residues, will not affect the weight loss effect, but also make your skin better. 7:05 slimming yoga, efficiency is the best time to practice yoga in the day is: early morningTwo hours before sunrise and two hours before sunset in the afternoon.

It is also a good choice to practice yoga after getting up. It can not only slim down, but also replenish energy for your body, so that you can be full and comfortable.

  Call the muscles at the beginning, do two days and three minutes of deep breathing.

When inhaling, the abdomen contracts.

When the call is exhaled, there is a feeling that the nasal breath is brought to the spine.

Fractures to the body: In the process of preparing for exercise, it can promote the flow of oxygen in the muscles.

The benefits of the spirit: a calm and peaceful state of mind.

  The body stretches out and the shape rises like a stretch, but it has to be increased.

If you are lying on a bed, you can use both hands to grasp the bed above the head (or the two sides of the body connected to the double-sided bed), and raise the legs with one leg in turn (or both legs).

Slightly lift your legs and slow down when you fall back.

Do 20 times.

Helps reduce excess aunt in the lower abdomen, strengthen abdominal muscle strength, and increase the elasticity of the abdominal muscles.

  Side waist stretching Put your right hand on your right bone or your foot and place your left hand on your left rib.

Then turn left and expand your body so that your left foot is on the same line as your right foot, turning your left foot so your left toe is forward and the right toe is sideways.

If you feel comfortable at this point, lift your left arm straight into the ceiling so that it is in line with your upper right.

Keep your spine straight and look at your left arm. If this will hinder your complications, you can look ahead.

Breathe, then change for another oxide.

  This action is effective in reducing the waist, hips and excess meat, strengthening the waist, chest muscle strength, and strengthening the kidney.

  The end of the relaxation exercise is lying or sitting quietly, listening to your breath.

Then smile.

This is “Mouth Yoga”, which can help you improve your facial muscles and make your mood happy.

  7:20 Shower After 5-10 minutes of rest after yoga, then a simple shower, your body will feel very comfortable.

And when your body temperature increases, your metabolism will increase, and you will also consume a portion of your calories. The water temperature is best at 38-39 °C.

  7:30 fasting to eat 15 dried red dates and red dates, containing protein, traces, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, enough to promote gastrointestinal motility, benefitQi and spleen can also enhance physical fitness, delay aging, and promote blood and beauty.

  If you don’t like to eat dried red dates, you can also make jujube tea or soup.

Black fungus red jujube soup is good to drink and raise the face[black fungus red jujube soup]Material: 10 red dates, 15 grams of black fungus, crystal sugar amount.

  Practice: 1.

Rinse the red dates, soak them in water for about 2 hours, remove them, and remove the jujube core.


The black fungus is soaked in water and washed.  3.

Put the red dates and black fungus into the soup pot, add the appropriate amount of water, rock sugar, and steam for about 1 hour.

  In the morning, there is usually no time to cook. MM can cook a large pot in advance, put it in the refrigerator, and drink it in the morning to drink it!

  Doing these four things in the morning will not only make you thin, but also become a very healthy lifestyle, making you skinny and healthy.

Fasting and slimming method: slimming + detoxification + practice

Fasting and slimming method: slimming + detoxification + practice

The reasons for overweight are different from person to person, such as emotional depression, or the effects of “sedating lifestyle”, or excessive stress, low basal metabolic rate, genetic or other factors.

Is weight loss really difficult?

In fact, it is not so complicated and difficult. Once you understand the key points of successful weight loss, don’t rush to seek success.

Otherwise it may hinder the slimming process and it will cause harm to the body.

  You should avoid extreme slimming methods, such as strict dieting plans, diet pills or excessive exercise.

The fasting and slimming method introduced here is a slimming method that respects the body’s metabolism. Let’s take a look at it: How to use the fasting and slimming method is a simple and feasible and more effective slimming method.

It contains the basic principle of weight loss, which consumes more calories than ingestion.

Before you implement the fasting and slimming method, you must be fully prepared. You must also know its basic principles: Is it best to take 1 per week?
2 days to accompany this slimming method.

It doesn’t require you to work too hard, because you won’t endure starvation because of this diet, and it’s still a very healthy choice.

At the beginning, you may not be able to endure the discomfort caused by hunger, but gradually, when the body adapts to this approach, you will feel a natural comfort.

  One of the main reasons why the fasting and slimming method can reduce the weight is that it can stimulate the operation of fat burning hormones in the human body. Although it has been in the human body, it is often in a standby state and rarely plays a role, because it may always be eating.Food that is difficult to digest, thus obscuring its function of burning fat.

If you take some control in your diet, a proper diet plan, you don’t need to use a special diet, and your weight will drop.

At this time, you only need to use the body’s natural ability to consume a small amount, a small amount of conversion to muscle – and this is a long-term measure to reduce weight.

  In the beginning, it is not easy to adhere to this fasting method, so it is best to find a friend or family member who likes to be like-minded or who also has the need to reduce weight.

  The fasting and fasting method of the fasting and slimming method has been proved. The method beneficial to human health has been practiced as a spiritual practice hundreds of years ago, and many religious beliefs in the world have also pushed fast.Method to purify the brain.

In fact, many people have noticed in the early days that the fasting method has caused great harm to their health, including slimming weight loss – it can make religious practice and meditation to get better results.

  Fasting and slimming can help control and manage senses, anger and other emotions, as well as purify the mind and help the body eliminate toxins.

In addition, the amount of time and energy spent on pre-planning, preparing and cooking food can be reduced, allowing the physiology to get better rest and adjustment, and making the pace of life more casual and calm.

Through the practice of fasting days, thinking will be separated from the food, making the feelings more pure, light and active. Therefore, the fasting method is also a substitute for yoga practice.

The dietary rhythm and content changes brought about by the fasting method can avoid the transfer of certain incomprehensible food types and allow the digestive system to rest to better develop its skills.

In addition, it can even completely renovate the body’s respiratory and drainage systems.

  How to implement the fasting and slimming method does not mean starvation. Therefore, it is not wise to repeat the fasting method because the body will absorb more heat once it returns to the normal diet.Add more weight.

Excessive implementation of the fasting method will also affect the body’s immune system and reduce the body’s ability to resist disease.

In this case, people feel weak, tired, suffering from headaches or hyperacidity.

If you let yourself endure hunger and thirst, you will become irritable and weak willpower, which will make this slimming method fail.

  In the process of implementing the fasting method, it is necessary to prolong the time interval of eating and increase the transfer of liquid food.

To ensure that the food is light and digestible, avoid frying food under any circumstances.

Because many people overdo it in other foods during the fasting process.

  In the fasting process, you can use leafy vegetables and fruit-flavored salads. Choose a lower seasoning or sauce, preferably with lemon juice or yogurt. Can you use vegetables for soup or self-squeezing juice, up to 2 per day?
3 times.

Leafy vegetables and juice can provide the body with the required nutrients; in addition, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, such as: carrots, ginger, grapes, apples and so on.

  When making juice, you can make carrots, celery, cabbage, cabbage and garlic – this is one of the best juices to cure the body, but don’t add oranges or tomatoes.

  In addition, in the process of using the fasting method, do not do excessively intense exercise, because by reducing the consumption, the body is already beginning to burn and transform.

But we can choose to walk or do some gentle yoga moves selectively.

In order to bring more benefits to the fasting law, it is necessary to regard sports as a daily essential item.

Once the weight has been reduced to the desired level, you should not immediately abandon the fasting method. You can make a fasting plan according to your needs and choose one day or one day of the week as a fasting day.

If you want to do it once a month, you can choose the full moon night; if it is implemented once a week, you can choose Monday day – this will help us remember and continue this slimming method to maximize the fasting methodThe slimming and health effects.
  How to open a ban Whenever a ban is imposed, follow the principle of gentle and gradual progress, and do not eat fatty and fried foods.

Before eating any solid food, a glass of vegetable juice or juice is the best choice.
Slightly steamed, uncooked vegetables, whole wheat bread or grilled meat or rice, is the most important choice.

Even after the fasting day, you can eat and drink too much, otherwise all the efforts made before will also be burned.

  It is not appropriate for someone who is not suitable for fasting and slimming. Diabetes is not suitable for fasting and slimming, because it will cause blood sugar to fluctuate up and down, which will cause serious consequences. · People with low blood pressure should also avoid the fasting method and reduceThe intake of food may reduce the level of glucose in the body, which makes people feel weak and dizzy; · People with bleeding ulcers should also avoid the fasting method, restricting the supplement of food will lead to increased gastric acid secretion, so that the ulcer is for you.more serious.

  Tip: In order to make the fasting method smooth and effective, it is best to consult a doctor before implementation to see if your body is suitable.

  Beauty tag fasting method can delay debilitating old research shows that in addition to reducing body weight, controlling the intake of metastasis has many complications for human health, including: reducing cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, resistance, immune system disorders, etc.The risk of disease, and the most important thing is to delay the aging process of the human body, making the body more full of positive energy and increase vitality.

But it is definitely: don’t take the fasting method for several days, and choose a day as a fasting day with a plan and a regularity. It is the most sensible and healthy return choice.

What should I pay attention to in the diet of paronychia?

What can’t you eat?

What should I pay attention to in the diet of paronychia?
What can’t you eat?

Paronychia is a phenomenon of infection that occurs in the area of the nail, causing some obvious infection between the nail and the nail bed.

Most of the causes of paronychia are caused by stab wounds in the tissues around the nails, or accidental removal when barbs occur.

So, for patients with paronychia, what needs to be paid attention to in the diet, let’s take a look.

Dietary contraindications for patients with paronychia 1, can not eat less food, patients with paronychia generally can not eat fish, shrimp, crab and other seafood products.

These seafood products are prone to cause damage to the skin.

2, can eat spicy food spicy food can not eat, because the spicy food is easy to cause human body perspiration, will cause favorable conditions for the development of paronychia.

3, drinking carbonated beverages carbonated beverages, also has a certain obstacle to the absorption of the human body, has a certain hindrance to the kidneys.

Try to eat less fried foods.

Foods that are helpful for the recovery of paronychia. Eating fruits, vegetables, fruits and vegetables is helpful for the treatment of onychomycosis. Fruits and vegetables should be eaten up to 50% of the daily diet.

2, eating a high-protein diet to read others is a kind of warmth, being missed by others is a kind of happiness, of course, the good thing is – miss each other.

Otherwise, unrequited love is a kind of mourning, and it is a burden to be missed by others.

3, supplement with nutrients such as protein, vitamin A or vitamin A emulsion, brewer’s yeast, calcium and magnesium and vitamin D, vitamin B, vitamin C and other diets.

Warm reminder: If the recovery after paronychia is better, you must pay special attention.

Do not use a particularly sharp Dongzi to scratch the joint between the nails, and do not cut the nails too short, which will lead to recurrence of paronychia in the future.