Menopausal sleep has some kind of contraindication

Menopausal sleep has some kind of contraindication

Full and reasonable sleep is very important for the health of menopausal people.

The so-called reasonable sleep means that in addition to the proper sleep time, there should be some attention to the preparations, postures and habits of sleep, and there are ten taboos in combination.

  One bogey to sleep and eat.

After the person enters the sleep state, the activity rhythm of some parts of the body begins to slow down and enters the rest state.

If you eat before going to sleep, the organs such as perfusion, liver and spleen will be busy again, which will increase their burden and make other organs not fully rested.

The functional area of the digestive system in the cerebral cortex is also excited, and often causes nightmares after falling asleep.

If you eat too late to eat dinner and feel obese before going to bed, you can eat less snacks or fruits (such as bananas, apples, etc.), but after eating, you must rest for at least half an hour before going to bed.

    Second, use the brain before going to bed.

If you have the habit of working and studying at night, you should do something more difficult to do, then do something easier, brake your mind, and fall asleep easily.

Otherwise, if the brain is in an excited state, even if lying in bed, it is difficult to fall asleep, and for a long time, it is easy to form insomnia.

    Three bogey excited before going to bed.

People’s emotions and sorrows are easy to cause the nerve center’s excitement or confusion, making it difficult for people to fall asleep or even cause insomnia. Before going to bed, avoid avoiding big anger or worry and anger, and make the emotions smooth.

If you are unable to sleep because of nervousness or emotional excitement, please take a supine position, put your hands under the navel, lick your tongue, relax your body, and when you are in the mouth, continue to swallow the body fluid. After a few minutes, you will fall asleep.

    Four bogey to talk before going to bed.

As the saying goes: If you don’t speak, you can’t speak.

Because people are prone to make their brains excited and active in their speech, which affects sleep.

Therefore, the elderly should not speak too much before going to bed.

    Five bogey and sleep.

Sleeping posture is best for lying to the right, so that the whole body bones and muscles are in a state of natural relaxation, easy to fall asleep, and easy to eliminate fatigue.

Supine squatting makes the whole body bones and muscles in a state of tension, which is not conducive to eliminating fatigue, and is easy to cause nightmares due to the impact of the hand on the chest and affecting the sleep, thereby affecting the quality of sleep.

    Six bogey and sleep.

Sun Sizhen said: It’s the best way to stay awake at night.

Sleeping and sleeping, it is easy to suffer from viruses and bacteria in the air, not only makes the disease from the mouth, but also easily causes the lungs and stomach to be stimulated by cold air and dust, causing disease.

    Seven bogey and sleep.

Old people are afraid of cold, especially after the arrival of winter, they always like to sleep and sleep.

In this way, a large amount of carbon dioxide exhaled by oneself will be inhaled, and the lack of necessary oxygen will be extremely detrimental to health.

    Eight bogey to sleep in the wind.

When you sleep, don’t let the wind coming in through the doors and windows blow to your head.

Because when people are asleep, the body’s ability to adapt to the external environment is reduced. If you sleep in the wind, it will take a long time, cold air will invade from the capillaries on the human skin, and light people will cause colds.
    Jiubei sleeps on the lamp.

When a person is asleep, his eyes are still closed, but he can still feel the light. If he sleeps on the lamp, the light will disturb the natural balance of the human body, causing the body temperature, heartbeat and blood pressure to become uncoordinated, which makes people feel uneasy.It is difficult to fall asleep, and even if you fall asleep, it is easy to wake up.

    Ten bogey sleep on the stove.

As a result, the human body is excessive, and it is easy to cause diseases such as sores.

When you get up and down at night, it is easy to catch cold and cause a cold.

It is worth mentioning that if you use a honeycomb coal stove for heating, you should pay attention to ventilation to avoid gas poisoning.