A seemingly hygienic but unhealthy habit, the first one may cause cancer!

A seemingly hygienic but unhealthy habit, the first one may cause cancer!

There are some habits in daily life that seem to be hygienic, but they are harmful to the body.

You are likely to have these habits!

Packing food with facial tissue To whiten, many manufacturers often use fluorescent whitening agents in the production of paper.

When the fluorescent whitening agent comes into contact with foods (especially fats and oils), the temperature rises and accelerates its migration into the food.

Oral intravenous fluorescent whitening agents are not easily decomposed in the body, and long-term supplementation will accumulate in the liver, causing potential carcinogenic factors.

Drying dishes and fruits with a towel The city’s tap water is cleaned and disinfected. Tableware and fruits washed with tap water are basically clean.

On the contrary, a large amount of bacteria is attached to the towel and rubbed with a towel, which causes secondary pollution.

After getting out of bed, the quilt will release a lot of sweat when sleeping. After getting up, the quilt will be stacked and the sweat will remain in the quilt, which will create a good living environment for the pathogen.

Over time, there is always a smell of sweat that affects the comfort of sleep and is also detrimental to the body.

After getting out of bed, you should first turn over the quilt, spread it for 10 minutes and then stack it up. It is best to dry it once a week.

After heating and pressurizing the degraded food, some housewives do not want to waste, and then the degraded food is boiled again after high temperature and high pressure, so that it can completely eliminate the bacteria.

It has been proved by medicine that the toxins secreted by bacteria are very resistant to high temperatures and are not easily destroyed by decomposition.

Take off the rotten part of the fruit and eat some people. When you encounter a rotten part of the fruit, you will smash the rotten part and eat it, thinking that there will be no problem.

Usually, even the rotten parts are cut off, and the rest may have caused harmful metabolites of bacteria, and even microbes began to multiply, such as carcinogenic molds.

Although the fruit is only a part of it, it is better to throw it away.

Disinfecting dishes with wine Some people often use white wine to wipe dishes to disinfect.

In fact, the degree of medical disinfection of alcohol is 75%, while the alcohol content of general liquor is ≤56%, which does not achieve the purpose of disinfection.

Long-term use of the same drug toothpaste drug toothpaste has a certain inhibitory effect on certain bacteria.

However, long-term use of the same drug toothpaste gradually gradually adapts the bacteria in the mouth and produces repetitiveness.

Therefore, toothpaste should be replaced regularly.

Although the food gauze is covered with a gauze to prevent flies from falling onto the food, the eggs that remain on the gauze are easily dropped from the holes and contaminate the food.

It is best to wrap the food in a plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator.