Old people listen to children’s songs to alleviate dementia

Old people listen to children’s songs to alleviate dementia

The National Longevity Medical Center in Japan recently discovered that listening to music and doing gymnastics are good ways to improve the cognitive ability of patients with cerebral vascular dementia.

A Japanese doctor who uses music to treat Alzheimer’s disease is to let the elderly listen to the children’s songs to correct dementia.

When the old people heard the songs like “Momotaro”, they were very happy, as if they were going back to the past, and the songs also brought out the memories in their brains.

  Lv Jihui, deputy director of the Dementia Ward of Beijing Geriatric Hospital, told the Life Times reporter that listening to the children’s favorite and familiar children’s songs and soothing music can indeed help the elderly dementia patients to alleviate the disease.

  Clinical studies have shown that music can have unique effects in improving people’s concentration, memory, thinking activity and stable mood.

Therefore, Lu Jihui believes that listening to the favorite children’s songs can be used as a good means of improving the physical obstacles of the elderly in dementia. It will help to eliminate communication barriers between the elderly and the surrounding environment, and strengthen the old people’s understanding of life and confidence in life.

Studies have shown that music can affect the release of a variety of active substances in the brain, which help regulate human emotions, reduce aggression, improve sleep quality and relieve depression.

Let the dementia patients listen to children’s songs, according to the physical condition of the elderly, choose solo, chorus, instrumental music and other different forms, but does not mean that you can buy tapes or music CDs to listen to.

If you choose music with natural sound effects, you can form a “harmonious resonance” with the human physiological frequency, thus slowing down the development of dementia elderly people.