Let soy protein help you lose weight healthily

Let soy protein help you lose weight healthily

Weight management has become one of the most popular health topics in modern urban life, but some people often misunderstand the process of controlling weight or losing weight.

  How to lose weight correctly?

It is a problem that many friends, especially female friends, pay close attention to.

Solae (the innovative joint venture between Shule, DuPont and Bunge Co., Ltd.), a global leader in soy protein research and food applications, explains a new concept of fashion life: no need to endure starvation, but also improve health, soyProtein helps you lose weight healthily.

  Soy protein, as its name implies, is a protein extracted from soybeans.

Soy protein is the only protein of its sole source.

The so-called “complete protein” means that the protein completely provides the essential amino acids absorbed by the human body, and these amino acids are also in a good balance to meet the needs of the human body.

  Plant proteins have more health benefits than animal proteins, a protein that scientists have long studied.

As a global leader in the research and application of soy protein, Solae has conducted extensive and meticulous research on the health and nutritional value of soy protein. Its soy protein product can meet the nutrients needed by the human body and achieve healthy eating control.The effect of weight.

  The trend of obesity can not be ignored. Nowadays, more and more people have realized the health risks of overweight and obesity, and control weight and weight loss through various means such as exercise, diet and treatment.

Authoritative experts from the Ministry of Health believe that local residents are not aware of reasonable nutrition, excessive consumption of poultry meat and oil, imbalance of nutritional structure, and high energy, high blood sugar and physical activity, and overweight, obesity, diabetes and dyslipidemiaThe occurrence is carefully related.

  Lose weight = refused?

  Because adults are the least consumed and most easily stored in the body, doctors and nutritionists have long advocated low-fat diets to lose weight.

Food companies have also developed a variety of low fat/defatted foods to meet this market demand.

However, many people think that since it is low in fat, it can be eaten with confidence. As a result, it will increase fat, because the total content of many low-fat foods is not low, but only a small amount of them are replaced.

Excessive free radicals are also converted into adults in the body, and glucose is easier to digest than other nutrients, causing rapid changes in blood sugar and insulin levels, increasing obesity.

Excessively, the low-fat diet is understood to eat only vegetables and fruits, but not other main and non-staple foods. As a result, the body’s essential nutrients for life-sustaining activities, although the body weight has decreased, health is seriously impaired, affecting normal life.
  Why use soy protein in a delicious soy diet?

  After long-term research, nutrition experts have found that low-fat, low-glucose and complication of protein diets can effectively help people control their weight.

Therefore, eating high-protein foods can help reduce the sense of obesity, reduce energy conversion and storage, and increase the energy consumption of food substitutes themselves, so as to achieve weight control.

However, because people mainly use animal proteins such as meat, eggs, and cheese to obtain protein, excessive intake of animal protein will bring other health risks, such as increasing the substitution of saturated traces and calcium, thereby increasing cardiovascular disease.Risk; increased calcium loss and urinary protein risk.

In contrast, soy protein has the same “slimming” effect as animal protein, and it has many health preventions, such as not causing calcium loss in bones, especially if it does not have any saturated tiny and cholesterol, which is good for cardiovascular disease.It is therefore an ideal dietary prescription for weight control.

  Soy protein, how to eat?

  Because the protein has a unique health and nutritional value, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a health statement from Schuler in 1999: “With a diet of 25 grams, eat 25 grams of soy protein a day.May reduce the risk of heart disease.

The Joint Health Statement Initiative (JHCI) also adopted a similar statement in the UK in 2002.

  In the West, the public’s understanding of the health benefits of soy protein has fueled the boom in the soy food market.

As a leader in the industry, Solae is investigating how to add soy protein to delicious foods.

Today, soy protein is widely used in a variety of foods, such as burgers, juices, cheese, bread, food bars, etc., to penetrate all corners of life.

In North America, soy foods have an annual income of more than $5 billion. A variety of convenient, delicious, and healthy soy protein foods have become well-educated and may become fashion choices for health-conscious people.