The old man calls for spiritual support

The old man calls for spiritual support

The most beautiful but the sunset red, let the elderly spend a happy and happy old age is the duty of the future generations to respect the old and filial piety.

At present, it is a big country that is moving towards an aging population. The problem of old-age care has been closely watched by all sectors of society and thousands of families.

  With the prosperity of the economy and the improvement of the family’s living standards, as well as the vigorous promotion of the old and the old, the material support of the elderly has basically been resolved.

After the material life is satisfied, the elderly begin to pursue their own spiritual paradise.

Faced with the spiritual needs of the elderly, a high-level problem of old-age care—-the spiritual support began to arouse people’s understanding.

  Spiritual support is multi-level and multi-faceted. The direct participation in providing mental support is good, but indirect spiritual support is also very valuable.

The following points are not to be ignored in the formation of spiritual support.

  First, the old couple can’t be removed.

His wife, old man, is always with you.

Older people tend to feel lonely and cold, and the mutual care and mutual care between husband and wife is a precious inverter in their later life.

  There are too many families who have neglected this problem and artificially separated the old people. Some of them have a child to raise an old man, and some will live an old man who has received a thousand miles of foreign land. Although the original intention is good, it is filial, it is to let the elderlyA better day, but objectively led to a certain negative effect.

Old people who are accompanied by dozens of people, but they have to live apart in their later years, are a heavy blow to their spirit and emotions.

  Second, help the single elderly to find a partner.

The elderly need both the affection of their children and the love between husband and wife. It is the greatest spiritual comfort for the elderly to find a partner for the widowed elderly.

Let the old people in the shape of a single shadow pair in pairs to build their own cozy harbor.

  Third, help the elderly to create a spiritual essence and environment.

A few newspapers and a few good books, there may be old people who love it, feel warm, the information outside is much more understood, the vision of the old man is broadened, the cultural life is rich, and the spiritual oasis is full of vitality.

  Many elderly people can hardly find other interests and hobbies in addition to their life-long work. The sense of loss in their later years is particularly heavy.

According to this situation, mobilize to help the elderly to cultivate some aspects of interest and hobbies, such as collecting stamps, raising birds, planting flowers, painting, calligraphy, etc., to find a new spiritual pillar for the elderly, not to find results, but to enjoy the joy and contentmentSelf-entertainment.