Massage and abdomen method to achieve a small waist

Massage and abdomen method to achieve a small waist

Looking at the prominent belly, there is no way to cover it with a long coat, but this is not a long-term solution.

Want to quickly lose the small belly and try the abdomen massage method introduced to you by Xiaobian!


Stimulation of the lumbar acupoints at the lumbar acupoints: the pulsatile acupoint, located at the tip of the eleventh rib, at the same height as the navel; the abdomen cleansing point, located at the nipple line down, 3 cm lower than the navel.

  The acupoints at the front end are: Jingmen Point, located at the top of the twelfth rib; Zhixue Point, located 5 cm below the second lumbar vertebra.

  Use your thumb, forefinger, or two or three fingers to press, pinch, and press these acupuncture points and their related muscles.


Pinch and massage the waist with a veined vein located in the zone with a vein, the thinnest part of the waist.

Frequent massage of this meridian, the effect of reducing the waist is very good.

From both front and rear directions, use both hands to press, pinch, and take the pulse.


If the massage stimulates the abdominal muscles with strong stimulation, the abdominal rectus muscles of the abdomen and the abdominal oblique muscles in the abdominal muscles can also make the waist lose weight and slim.

The specific method is the same as the massage of the waist.

What are you waiting for? Just do it!

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