Medicinal value of gold leaf tea

Medicinal value of gold leaf tea

Blood pressure lowering effect: Pharmacological research of China Pharmaceutical University confirmed that the water extract and alcohol extract of the young leaves of Jinye tea have significant antihypertensive effect on blood pressure of rabbits, while the breathing is accelerated and deepened, but the heart rate and electrocardiogram are not obvious.The effect can also significantly promote the gastrointestinal motility of mice and significantly prolong the survival time of hypoxia in mice.

Among them, the pharmacological activity of the aqueous extract is outstanding.

It has been reported that tea polysaccharides and total flavonoids have the effects of lowering blood pressure, anti-cancer, antibacterial, diuretic and protective vascular permeability, anti-inflammatory, anti-coagulation, dilating coronary arteries and improving blood circulation, protecting liver and gallbladder, and lowering cholesterol.

Hypoglycemic effect: The double integrated amount of tea blended in the golden leaf tea plant is as high as 7.

1% (common tea tea polysaccharide content is 1.


529%) to guide the island organization to protect the island cells, improve the body’s antioxidant capacity, scavenge free radicals, and improve insulin levels.

Insulin promotes the uptake and utilization of glucose by systemic tissues and inhibits the breakdown of glycogen and gluconeogenesis. Therefore, insulin has a blood sugar lowering effect.

Hypolipidemic effects: tea polyphenols, tea polysaccharides, total flavonoids reduce plasma total cholesterol, reduce small cell accumulation, and accelerate lipid metabolism.

The glycosphate compounds of the enclosed islet cells are removed, and the metabolic burden of organs such as liver and kidney is greatly reduced, and the treatment is fundamentally solved for complications.

Enhance the body’s immunity: Gold leaf tea contains natural tea polyphenols, and tea polyphenols have a strong role in eliminating harmful free radicals.

Clearing the sedimentary material in the blood vessels is usually a blood vessel, so the plant protein tea (Golden Leaf Tea) “the blood vessel scavengers”.

Antioxidant, anti-aging effect: Trace elements contained in gold leaf tea are related to organic components.

Selenium is an important component of glutathione peroxidase in human red blood cells, which has antioxidant, protective cell membrane and cardiovascular effects.

The combination of selenium and vitamin E is an important free radical scavenger in the body.

Studies have shown that organic germanium also has antioxidant oxidation, flavonoids can regulate the body’s physiological functions, and contribute to anti-aging effects.

Weight loss, beauty effect: Gold leaf tea contains natural vitamin E up to 27%.

The role of vitamin E in beauty and skin care can not be ignored.

Because the oxidation of human sebum is one of the first skin aging, vitamin E has an antioxidant effect, which protects sebum and cell membrane proteins and moisture in the skin.

First of all, it can promote the regeneration and vitality of human cells and supplement the aging process of cells.

In addition, it can promote the use of vitamin A in the human body; it can synergize with vitamin C to protect the skin’s health and reduce skin infection; it has a “moisturizing” effect on collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the skin, thereby improving and maintaining the skin.The elasticity can promote the blood circulation inside the skin, so that the skin can get sufficient nutrition and moisture to maintain the softness and luster of the skin; it can inhibit the formation of pigment spots, senile plaques, reduce wrinkles and white skin, and prevent skin ulcers.